• Are you wanting to harness your true power?

  • Would you like more abundance in your life?

  • Do you want more opportunities?

  • Would you like to live from a place of trust in the universe?

  • Are you stuck in a rut?

Are you ready to live a life on purpose and be the creator of your own experience?

It doesn’t matter what your life looks like now. I can help you to turn it around and bring you to where you want to be. Colour therapy ushers in a new energy and causes major shifts in your life. Colour knows what needs to be healed and will gently though powerfully guide you.

Golden Abundance works on the golden ray and also brings in the Archangels Metatron & Sandalphon. Archangel Sandalphon is associated with the Earth Star chakra, enabling us to feel comfortable on earth. Archangel Metatron is connected to our Stellar Gateway chakra which glows a golden colour. When this is open the universe pours into us. This is a program designed to not only increase abundance, also to raise our frequency to that of the golden age we have entered. Working through our entire chakra system and our energy.

The colour gold represents wealth and luxury. Gold is the colour with the highest vibration and is powerful, protective, a colour associated with money and abundance. Gold is also the colour of the ascension process that is happening on our planet and in the universe. It represents the shift we are currently experiencing, away from one way of being and towards another. Away from fear and towards love and trust. Golden Abundance aligns you to the abundance that is yours by right. 

Golden Abunance is full of colourful videos, meditations and exercises. At the very least you will connect in with the powerful essence that is you! Once you realise your powerful nature there is no going back. Golden Abundance also has the potential to create huge shifts in your current reality, as it removes money blocks and paves the way for a golden existence! Expect golden abundance to appear in many different ways!

Are you ready to transform your life with the power of colour!

Tuning into the power of gold I have created this program for you....

Get started now for €297 !

Your journey with colour can begin right now, today!

This is an online program that can be taken anywhere in the world. All you need is an open mind and a desire for real change. Working with me will align you to your highest potential.

  • Access your true power.

  • Be open to more abundance.

  • Allow more opportunities to find you.

  • Create a new story.

Lets take a look inside Golden Abundance:

You will receive:

  • An online program which runs for 3 weeks

  • You will experience a variation of colour healing videos, meditations and colour exercises all designed to clear money blocks and allow abundance to flow to you. This sequence was divinely channeled.

Bonus material

3 beautiful bonuses!

  • Bonus Material - Millionaire Flow Course

    Millionaire Flow is a further 3 week online program with Buddha and the colours gold and blue - the course compiles colour healing videos. You will reach new levels of enlightenment for what is possible for you.

  • Bonus material - Video Library

    You have access to a growing video library that covers topics from those who have tested the program before.

  • NEW BONUS! Live Your Best Life

    You will also get Live Your Best Life which will turn your life in your favour! It is only 6 days in length though is beautiful. Do it last.

More about my NEW BONUS

Live Your Best Life

This is a program I made a few years after Golden Abundance and is the cherry on the cake. Leave it for a while after Golden Abundance and Millionaire Flow and then do it when you need a boost - use your own intuition.

Golden Abundance Review from Sylvia Callan

What a program! This one is a game changer! I was in a place where I seemed to be going around in circles. So when Golden Abundance came into my life I went with it wholeheartedly. I found and cleared blocks that I would never have imagined through the meditations. Within a really short space of time of finishing the program I landed a dream job and money flowed in and out with a beautiful pace. Not only that I was and am open to situations that brought and is bringing sustainable abundance into my life.' I would like to say something about my life now and all I can compare it to is before and after golden abundance program. It is a F*CKING AMAZING PROGRAM. This also needs to be said! Thank you, thank you, thank you Roisin for this program.

Golden Abundance Review from Keely Jackson

Well what can I say, WOW! I recently completed Roisin's Golden Abundance course and I can whole heartedly say it has transformed my life. Such a gifted woman. I would highly recommend this course if you are looking for abundance in your life. Thank-you Roisin you are AMAZING xxx

Golden Abundance Review from Sarah Tormey

I just completed golden abundance and after years of trying various methods to release childhood trauma, I finally feel like it has been released through this program. I feel lighter, calmer, more confident and more importantly I believe that I deserve abundance. I received all of these gifts through this program and I feel like there's more to come. I can't recommend Roisin and golden abundance enough, it's changed my life ❤️💜💙💚

Golden Abundance Review from Debbie Brinkley

I have recently completed Roisin's Golden Abundance course with great results. Yes, it was powerful, emotional, yet it cleared many blocks I didn't realise I had through the meditations and exercises. The result is to my amazement and total disbelief, within a week I landed a job with really good money that I desperately needed to get me through the summer and it's exactly the length of time I needed. All my worries and anxieties went away. Incredible! This course really does work and certainly does open pathways to abundance in all avenues. I recommend you try it. I was hesitant at first, but 'instinctively knew' I had to do it...and I am soooo thankful and grateful I did. Thank you Roisin xxxxxxxx

Golden Abundance Review from Aileen O'Sullivan

I recommend Roisin golden abundance programme.I did this in late October after been called by my guides to do so. I had already started my own internal clearing. Its been a huge transformation process since then which has been ongoing. My abundance started internally I am now in the process of creating a lot of new programmes and had an offer at the end of last year which I will be taking forwards. Myself and my hubby have also had a good few financial abundance as well. We are currently waiting on conformation of few more.

Golden Abundance Review from Bridget Fennessy

I have recently finished the golden abundance program, I found the program an extremely powerful way to shift money and personal blocks. I’ve learnt so much about myself, and realized the things that were holding me back. Opportunities came up for me completely out of the blue, 😍 I’m feeling much more empowered. I couldn’t recommend her work highly enough🌈 Thank you Roisin xxx

Golden Abundance Review from Debra Kilby

My business, my visibility, seems to have expanded since Golden Abundance and each new course I do expands again - I love it - thank you.