• Are you feeling stuck in your life?

  • Do things you want seem out of reach?

  • Have you done everything going in an attempt to increase abundance?

I’ve been there and this is why I created Golden Abundance and continue to work on my levels of abundance with colour therapy. If you are committed to increasing your abundance then working with me one to one is the way to go. I am an energy healer and through colour I can clear energetic blocks to allowing more abundance into your life. This is the only way currently to work with me on a one to one level.

In this program you will receive the following: (all sessions must be completed within a six month timeframe from booking)

  • Golden Abundance – my powerful online program which clears core money blocks and is essential. It is also packed full of abundance boosting bonus programs.

  • 1 x Online Realignment Session – in this session I align you to the two colours that will bring you back into harmony – these are discovered through a diagnostic spine chart I prepare before we meet. We will also discuss any blockages that have shown up on the chart. I will also advise you on ways to bring both those colours into your life in the following week. You will also receive a crystal clearing.

  • 1 x Soul Colour Report – This is your souls blueprint in terms of colour. Your Soul Colour Report will outline your major soul colour, the colour you were born with, the colour available to you in this lifetime and the colour you are here to learn. You will also receive colour sheets explaining ways you can bring these colours into your life and also a circle of life chart showing what other colours may assist you to work with. These will all be emailed to you.

  • 1 x Soul Colour Session – In this session we will discuss your soul colours and I will energetically align you to your soul colours. You will also receive a crystal clearing.

  • 1 x Online Abundance Boost Session – In this session we will look at any personal money/abundance blocks that have come up for you. I will help you clear them. We will also look at your personal goals and dreams and get a plan in place for you to achieve them.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

Do something different. All you need to work with me is an open heart and open mind (plus wifi!)