Soul Colour Reports are wonderful for:

  • Those who love colour - pure and simple it is a beautiful discovery of who you are in terms of colour and what that then means

  • Those on a journey of self-discovery - your gifts, talents, personality traits, potential health issues and learnings are included in the report

  • Entrepreneurs as you can use your soul colours in your branding - this gives an immediate visual sense of who you are and you feel more at home with your branding

  • Idenitifying challenges - what you are here to learn is one of your soul colours. You can align to greater abundance once you are aware of the challenges and incorporate the colour

What are your soul colours?

Each of us are born with our own set of soul colours.

Colours that tell you what attributes you were born with, what ones are available to you, what you are here to learn, and also your true soul colour for this life time which is your dominant soul colour.

Once you discover your soul colours you will have a greater awareness of your own potential, why you are the way you are which can then lead to greater self acceptance. 

Once you understand the meaning of your soul colours you can start living the life your soul intended. Discovering your soul colours is like coming home as you recognise your life story in the colours and their placements. 

Soul colours are beneficial for business owners as they give a visual representation of who you are. They can be used in branding and logos etc.

You will receive the following via email:

(Please allow 7 days for your report to be delivered. Your Paypal email will be used to for correspondence unless you contact me to state otherwise)

  • Your soul colour report - we each have between 1 and 4 soul colours

  • Soul colour worksheets with suggestions on how to incorporate your soul colours into your life

  • Circle of life chart showing what other colours may compiment your soul colours

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Malavanh Chong

Soul Colour Report Review

Malavanh Chong

Roisin Mc Ardle is truly a gifted color therapist. Many of the things she included in my soul report resonated with me. I was surprised that what I assumed were personality quirks were actually related to the colours that she pointed out for me. I am now looking at those colours more closely, and seeing how I can incorporate them into my daily living and become more aligned with my soul. I highly recommend her services!
Bernie Curd

Soul Colour Report Review

Bernie Curd

I loved learning my soul colours and hadn't realised I have loads of these colours in my wardrobe but haven't worn them for a long time. This has now changed.